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Poems by  Dhriti Sharma

Poems by Dhriti Sharma

Clever Passion

Passion is a wild one


Clever so was the fire

That burnt inside my heart

To wisely choose

What to burn and what to light

That turned walls to ashes

Stood tall by the side of bridges

That eliminated the knots which tied my wings

Yet saved the strings that directed my kite

Welcome to fill from the pool of flames

Bring your glasses brethren

And make a hole in the bottom

So you'll drink enough to find

Who you can be

But not beyond so far as to lose

Who you are

Pointless Permission

Waves don't ask if the shore likes being washed upon

Night doesn't ask if the sun likes going home

A boss doesn't ask if the deadline is reasonable at all

How dare love ask then if there is any vacancy in thy heart or not?

It’s a pointless permission to seek

Control on what’s not ours

The love I give around

Or the hate I stand to receive

Are but contents of the universe

And not really the emotions that we claim to develop

Like cannonballs fired

From the catapults that we are

Cherishable Chaos

Do I have a plan?


Does my life feel sorted through?


Cause chaos is non perishable

Yet also,

Chaos is conclusive and cherishable

Sky Full of Hope

How do I wish upon a shooting star

when my hope is painted on the night sky

and the twinkling ones keep leaving my side?

Tug of War

Love you more

Cherish myself more

Care for you more

Pamper myself more

Think about you more

Think of myself more

Live a present with you more

But see a future with me more

Walk long roads with you more

Sit by myself more

Lose my breath at your sight more

Still let my heart beat for me more

That's the very thin line that

Want and need

Play tug of war on


Die bit by bit dear

All at once is not dignified

Poison, life is filled with

To be sniffed fume by fume

To be swallowed drop by drop

Cause all at once

Is too quick to mock

Joy comes from watching

The suffering we go through

Consume one who is not us

And when you have enjoyed

Someone else die

Slowly day by day

How do you get to die at once

And let others not cherish your death?

Come brethren for we all shall die

One day in this life

None of us have ever

Made it out alive

For the moments we are here

Preparing for the finale

Let’s take it slow n steady

Not all at once

But rather let

Our soul leave our body

Goosebump by goosebump

Day by day

Bit by bit

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