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Things to do When You are Bored on Campus

Things to do When You are Bored on Campus

When we think about the college experience, we believe that it’s always fun with events provided by the campus. However, throughout the years, you might find yourself not enjoying it like you used to or find yourself with a part-time job and not having enough time to have fun. Then, when you have no work or school-work, you have no idea what to do in the spare time you have. Here are 10 things that you can do when you are bored on campus:

1) Explore Your Campus

Walking around campus can relieve the stress from classes and get to know campus very well . You might find your friends hanging out in a different part of campus that you have never been in before, a new place that you can study, or an art exhibit that piques your interest.

2) Head to the Gym

It’s important to be fit because food on campus has a high amount of calories that isn’t always healthy. Exercise will help you feel energized, refocus your mind, and just pass the time.

3) Read

Reading any type of book (manga, fiction, comic) can help you be aware of what is going on around the world or just for entertainment. You can check the library for books to borrow or use Interlibrary Loan.

4) Watch a Game in Person

Your campus has a lot of  teams on campus that you can see for free.  If you can’t, you can always ask your friends to watch sports with you on the Internet or on television. It’s fun to watch with other people rather than alone and you can support your fellow classmates.

5) Go off Campus

Explore the city where SUNY Poly is. You might find that there are festivals, museums, or zoos to experience. You can make some great memories with friends.

6) Call and Catch Up with Your High School Friends

You may have made friends in college, but you might want to call your other friends back home. Ask what they have been doing and chat for awhile.

7) Watch a Movie

Go with your friends to watch a movie off campus. Some theaters offer discounted priced tickets for college students and can relieve the stress of college life for a few hours. If the weather gets bad, you can watch a movie in your dorm!

8) Do Something Creative

Use your visual thinking skills to create beautiful artworks or write a story.  You can learn a new hobby that you are interested in such as writing music, learning to play instruments, or knitting a scarf.

9) Listen to Music and Dance

This is great way to let out your stress or to motivate yourself to be more productive. Listen to new music you haven’t heard before and dance the night away!

10) Organize Your Life

We all need to tidy up our room and do chores, since we are grown adults. Clean your room, do the laundry, and make sure you are up to date with your planner.

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