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 The Issue of Undocumented Immigrants being Arrested by ICE

The Issue of Undocumented Immigrants being Arrested by ICE

Today, Immigration is one of the issues debated in the United States. Trump had stated that he would create a wall near the Mexico border to prevent any South Americans or Mexicans to enter the United States. However, it hadn’t happened. During the summer, I listened to news in my native language to find out what is going on in New York City since I never listened to the news when I was in college. Most of the news reports where of Hispanics, mostly Mexican and Ecuadorians, being arrested by ICE (Immigration and Custom Enforcement). Governor Cuomo, the governor of New York City, in February 2017, the state assembly approved legislation to increase safeguards for undocumented immigrants facing possible deportation. There is The New York State Liberty Act, the legislation that makes New York a “sanctuary” state by prohibiting the detention of undocumented person on immigration detainers unless there was a warrant from a judge. This also prevents state and federal local enforcement agencies from stopping or question a person on their immigration status. (Blain, 2017) However, the undocumented immigrants were still being arrested by ICE. For example, this Ecuadorian man worked as a pizza delivery guy ended up getting arrested by ICE because the location where he was sent to deliver the pizza was a military base and one of the soldiers ask what his citizen status was. This wasn’t the only issue that was discussed in the news.

The other issue that was discussed in the news around the United States is Trump’s zero tolerance policy in Mexico. Around April and May of this year, the Trump administration created an inhumane “zero tolerance” policy that separated immigrant children from their families. This policy became the center of debate among politicians and Americans of whether this was moral.  Eventually, in June 20, Trump due to political pressure of the situations signed the executive order to stop children from being separated from their families when they are arrested from ICE in Mexico border. I was very surprised when I saw this in the news because it didn’t seem like he would do it. The way that he talks about immigrants taking jobs away and how he discriminates them, I thought he would keep on going with this policy. It’s so great to see that there are people in the Congress, politicians, and the people of America cared for separation of children from immigrant families.

In June 27, Governor Cuomo signed a legislation to protect immigrant children who are separated from their families by the Trump administration’s inhumane “zero tolerance” policy. The provides parents who are detained in New York, or facing deportation from the state, an opportunity to appoint someone of their choosing to step into their shoes and provide emergency care of their child.

“The Trump Administration’s heartless treatment of immigrant children violates equal protections and leaves an ugly stain on our country’s history. By taking action today, these new protections send a message loudly and clearly that New York will never abandon the values that have long sustained and nourished this state and nation, and we will do everything on our power to protect the health and well-being of these innocent children.” – Governor Cuomo (New York State Press Office, 2018)

He states that the New York State will:

  • Dispatch personnel, resources and services to foster care providers that are caring for these children, including medical supplies.

  • Provide services for immigrant children discharged from facilities to family members, including education, mental health and health care services.

  • Provide the same support to children being released to private foster care providers in New York, including from other states.

  • Demand HHS release information about all unaccompanied immigrant children in New York State, including those who were first sent from the border to other states before being placed in New York

  • Take actions to support family reunification, including working with counsel generals at facilities to provide immediate support.

  •  Provide resources and protection to bolster public safety at facilities caring immigrant children.

(New York State Press Office, 2018)

In my opinion, I believe that this isn’t enough to prevent undocumented immigrants from being arrested. I believe that undocumented immigrants that live in the United States for more than 5 years deserve to stay in the United States. I believe that if they have a child who has any type of disability should stay in the United States because here, they have better, advanced technology and research to help a child with disability. I agree there are a lot of immigrants in the United States and Trump wants to create a wall prevent any more from entering. However, most of the Hispanic community make up a lot of the states. My mom came here to find a better future, the America Dream, but she didn’t find it because she had me and my siblings. Same with others. Now, it’s hard to get that American Dream because everything has gone up in price. In order to work in the United States, you need to have a high school diploma or GED. The United States need to change their policy of deporting undocumented immigrants especially in where they're located to arrest. It makes me scared to even live in my home when ICE is around, and they arrest my mom because she not a citizen.

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