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Creative Writing Club

Creative Writing Club

 Creative Writing Club

Vincenzo Acquaviva


The Creative Writing Club has recently been created as a response to the lack of

artistic opportunity available to students attending SUNY Poly. More specifically, its goal

is to provide students with a penchant for personal writing a creative space to work in. In this space, members can share ideas and get feedback on work from a group of like minded

peers in order to elevate their work far above where it would be if worked on solitarily.

Its structure is very simply; there’s a group for people who want to work on and

conceptualize ideas, and there is a group where members with already written work can

sit and receive feedback. There is a third group, dedicated to individuals who just

feel like writing something by themselves that day. Through these groups, members of

the club will be able to get views on their work from multiple different angles, allowing

for a better, more well rounded piece.

Joining is simple. All you have to do is show up. The club isn’t strict on who it allows in, or what members must write. If you like to write, or are interested in writing, you are warmly welcomed to attend. They encourage all kinds of work: essays, poetry, bars, song lyrics,

stories, and whatever else you can think of. All they ask is that the writing itself not be for

any class, or outside operation other than yourself.

If you are interested in joining the club they meet every Saturday, from 3:00 to 5:00 pm, in room L200 of the library, the art room directly left from the stairs on the second floor.

It’s recommended you bring something with which you can get online, in order to set up

an account for a program the club uses to share work with members outside of club




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