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Interactive Media Game Design Major

SUNY Polytechnic Institute is a great school for those who are interested in pursuing a career in the ever-developing field of technology.

The college has made a huge leap from its rank of 122nd last year all the way up to being the 18th best college in the Regional Universities North category. This massive leap brought us into the top 20, according to U.S News and World Report.  The report also named SUNY Poly the 3rd best public college in the Top Public Regional Universities North report. SUNY Polytechnic’s campus is growing, with the addition of new buildings, programs, and the fact that it is also branched out into the Albany area.

There is a large list of majors that our school has to offer; while most are based on the various types of engineering, some aren’t even technology-based. We have business, psychology/sociology, computer science, network/computer security, and so many more programs. SUNY Poly has recently added a new major to their list - Interactive Media & Game Design. Students who join this program can choose between three different concentrations:

  • Software Development and Interaction Design

  • Marketing and Entrepreneurship

  • Art and Asset Production

This new program is similar to SUNY Polytechnic’s pre-existing major, Communication and Information Design (CID), which is now being referred to the sister major of IMGD. SUNY Poly’s website presents a list of the characteristics of students who choose each major, so as to better differentiate the two programs. According to the website, students in the CID program are typically networkers, artists, or producers, and are interested in social media and posting everything. They also understand how to improve text and images to convey meaning, and love movies, YouTube, and blogs, and want to create their own.

Alternatively, a student in the IMGD program would have experience in playing and explaining video games, might have a sketchbook of characters they want to bring to life, is a programmer, 3D modeler/animator, or a modder. IMGD students typically love all form of games and electronics and aspire to create their own. This new major focuses on the design, development, and business of interactive media. By joining this program, students are able to create interactive content/entertainment, and will graduate prepared to enter the gaming industry. This major takes a hands-on approach to allow students to create their own projects and work with software that professional designers use, thus building their own digital portfolios. Graduates of the IMGD program can look forward to careers as lead designers, concept artists, script writers, and project managers, according to SUNY Poly’s website. Upon completion of their general program requirements, students will also take 12 credits in the “Professional Skills” category, which will refine their knowledge to a particular area.

Along with the new major, SUNY Poly also has a minor in IMGD as well as a graduate program for those who wish to further their studies.

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