The Factory Times is the school newspaper for SUNY Poly.

Getting Involved On Campus

    Despite how small the SUNY Poly campus may initially seem, there is actually a lot going on around the school. Poly has a wide variety of clubs and activities that anyone can get involved with, as well as a few neat places to check out around campus. At the end of last year, SUNY Poly had a total of 41 active clubs and 7 organizations. With the addition of even more new clubs each year, I would say it’s hard to not find a club or organization that suits your interests. If you’re interested in sports but don’t want to play on one of the school’s teams, there are still plenty of ways to get active on campus. For example, SUNY Poly has several clubs dedicated to certain sports and outdoor activities, such as Ultimate Frisbee Club, Tennis Club, Curling Club, ITAC (IT Adventure Club), and several others. You can also find numerous special interest clubs, such as social or academic clubs. Some of the clubs we have are associated with the programs at SUNY Poly, such as the Psychology/Sociology Club, IEEE, Nursing Club, or Baja SAE. If you are interested in meeting with a group of people who have similar academic interests as you there are many options you have to consider, including those mentioned before, as well as several others. We also have clubs that cater to people who love things like pool, chess, Magic: The Gathering, anime, and so much more. A list of some of SUNY Poly’s clubs are located on the school’s website, and you can also find out more by stopping by the SA suite located in the upper-level of the Student Center. If you don’t find something that suits your interests, any student is able to team up with other students to create their own club.

    Aside from all of the clubs we have on campus, there are also several organizations that work hard to bring our campus together. We have Factory Times, Genesis, Student Association, and Wildcat Media, just to name a few. Organizations such as AHAB (After Hours Activity Board) or CAB (Campus Activity Board) work hard to put together events that get students around campus involved. Members of these organizations try to plan events that will engage the students and work hard to coordinate events that the student body will enjoy. In the past, AHAB and CAB have set up incredible events such as Nerf wars, concerts, and laser tag; they’ve also brought in fascinating magicians, comedians, and musicians. If you are interested in photography, Genesis is a great organization that can help you pursue your passions. You could even run for a position as a Senator for SA if you want to get involved more with the student government. 

    For all the hard work our organizations and clubs put in to give students at SUNY Poly an unforgettable experience, there is a recognition banquet at the end of each school year. In Spring 2016, Genesis was voted Organization of the year, Curling Club received Social Club of the year and Stock Market Analysis Club received the award for Academic Club of the year. These are just a few of the awards given to our clubs and organizations for their outstanding work and effort. Considering the relative size of SUNY Poly’s campus, it is great to see that there is something here for everyone to enjoy.


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