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Devolver Digital: Gaming’s Underdog Publisher

As games become more advanced, there will always be big publishers that try their best to sell video games solely as a product. Devolver Digital is one of the best publishers in the industry because it actually cares for the people it works to support and tries its best to spread creativity throughout the medium of video games.

Everything Eevee

Eevee has become and always will be a universal symbol for many fans of Pokémon. Perhaps it’s hard to see how or why people can relate to a fictional character, but it’s not just the character itself, it’s what we perceive it as and how we can tell new stories with it to brighten its existence and meaning.

The Xbox One is Trying Its Best

With amazing titles like Spider-Man and God of War releasing exclusively on the Ps4 last year, it can be pretty easy to ignore that the Xbox One even exists. Disappointing releases like State of Decay 2 and Sea of Thieves only served to cement the Xbox One’s status of a joke in the game industry. Despite all of the problems that Xbox One has, Microsoft is adamant in amending the mistakes that its made over its lifetime.

The Sad State of Video Game Preservation

The issue of preserving the history of media has always been a difficult prospect. Unfortunately, video games pose numerous complex factors that make preserving their history more problematic than other types of media. Despite video games’ relative youth, the medium has been suspected to many of the same issues that other mediums face while attempting to showcase their older titles.

The Tumultuous Relationship between Film and Video Games

Due to their relative youth, video game have struggled to be adapted into other types of media. The most notable of these are video games being turned into movies. Movies based on video games are notorious for having stories that drastically stray from their original sources. Despite them existing for 25 years, the negative stigma surrounding these movies lingers to this very day.

Breath of the Wild

Breath of The Wild has caused many Nintendo fans to believe in the future success of Nintendo, while proving their contender status among its competitors such as Microsoft and Sony.

A Look into the Future of Gaming

It is interesting to see what types of games/platforms will hold up through time, and what we will see later on down the road. Regardless, I am enjoying what the industry has to offer and so far, they haven’t disappointed (except for No Man’s Sky, but we don’t talk about that). I believe the future of gaming looks bright and augmented and virtual reality technologies show a lot of promise.

Minecraft: 7 Years Later

For many of those part of Generation Z, Minecraft was one of the first survival video games ever played. It was something casual and easy for everyone to play, but throughout the years, it has become exponentially more complex. From it's beta release in 2009, to 11th version update this year, Minecraft has changed drastically, aesthetically, and conceptually since its founding.